Rings for women

Rings for women

Sensitivity and feminine emotion

With the collection of rings for women a new line of handcrafted jewellery has been born in our workshop. Their designs maintain the spirit and character of Trart necklaces. The rings are created on a base of 925 silver and size 52. The ring is open so you can adjust it to the size of your finger. And it is that... we care that you feel comfortable!

Trart's woman's ring collection, a world of emotions.

Women have a sensitivity that makes them unique and special. Their environment, experiences and relationships affect them in different ways. These changing and powerful emotions have inspired our women's ring collection.

Ring Calm 

Its design is inspired by the tranquillity and well-being that the sea brings us. Stop for a moment and observe the movement of the waves of the sea. Now take a deep breath... It relaxes, doesn't it? The calm ring is mounted with a 1.5 cm clay half-ball and a Swarovski crystal, embedded in the upper part.

Ring Cheerfulness 

This design is inspired by all the smiles, laughter and laughter that you have given. The joy ring is a tribute to the best moments of your life, the ones that have made you feel happy, even for a little while. Please think about them more often!

Ring Courage

There are brave women, very brave. They have the courage to face difficult moments in their lives and get out of them. Do you know more than one truth? This ring is perfect for women who, with their actions, show us how special they become.

Ring Excitement 

Women are pure emotion. Her feelings are part of her personality and are decisive in her way of being. She is passionate, cheerful, intelligent... and sometimes stubborn and vindictive. This ring is for those women who feel everything!

Ring Tenderness 

The ring tenderness is pure love. It is a ring dedicated to the people who, every day, show us how much they love us. And why not, also to the animals that accompany us and give us so much!

And you, which one do you keep?