Inspiration, creativity, emotional state, environment, moment, place...there are innumerable elements that are part of the creative process of an artist. And of course, the constant demand to improve, to innovate, to imagine textures, colors, shapes and above all to let yourself be carried away until you find that all those elements help you to create in a natural way. My vision as an artist of the result of my creations, is to think that all the jewels are special, that they provide positive energy when you wear them, that they don't go unnoticed, that in short you can trust in that work of art ... with my vision is not enough, I need to be able to reach you and know which is yours.

From 04/21/2019 and without limits, I'm going to share a single different jewel each week. It is impossible to repeat exactly handmade jewels, there will always be some detail that will make two jewels different, although visually they are very similar, but never equal. When I refer to unique, I don't only think of the concept of equals. I'm thinking about the concept of exclusive handcrafted jewelry, and that's why I'll only make one piece of jewelry and never create it again, not even try. They will be totally different and exclusive jewels. However, my stamp as an artist will be present in each of them.
These works of art, besides being unique, I am going to reuse the excess clay that I am going to recycle, making responsible use of each piece of clay.

I'm sure that many of those jewels that are about to arrive will disappoint you and others will make you fall in love. I feel that we all need to improve, and I will be grateful if you send me your opinions, whatever they may be.

Thank you very much to all of you