Genuine necklaces for women

Genuine necklaces for women to let your imagination fly

At Trart we offer a wide range of handcrafted necklaces and pendants. For the collections of genuine necklaces, we take extra time to find the genuineness of the pieces. We try to go a step further and bring that extra inventiveness and imagination that we look for.

Choose the necklace that best represents you

There is a necklace for every woman, it is about finding the one that best suits you. Each piece is strictly unique and handmade, based on clay, which gives the creations a unique charm.
Clay has conquered the world of creative jewellery production and handcrafted jewellery. Above all, for its resistance and ease of use, but also for the possibilities it offers to give free rein to the imagination.
In addition, the material allows to create almost infinite variations of designs and colors and different techniques that contribute difference and originality to each one of the pieces. The genuine necklaces are worked on a high quality galvanized metal chain. To improve safety, we've applied a zipper that can be adjusted to suit your style. It has touches of silver, which accentuate the finish and quality.

"We are inspired by art, history and time"

We like what we do. Handcrafted jewellery is part of us and we devote all our time to creating unique jewellery for you. To design the collections of genuine necklaces, we look for inspiration in women who have left their mark throughout history and in the concept of the passage of time. And of course in nature.

The past, where we find the nostalgia of yesterday, the memories, the ancient art. We try to transmit wisdom and tradition.
The present, which represents the now. The moment that you live and that you must make the most of. Carpe diem, live it because it passes quickly.
The future, as part of the time that is about to arrive. Concern for what will come: We try to channel this feeling into our jewels with a positive approach.

Everything will come and you will be able to enjoy it and overcome it!