Long Necklace Ribbon

Long Necklace Ribbon

Adjustable necklace ribbons with unique design

All the necklaces that you will find in our shop are handmade. In all our collections you will find ribbons for women's necklaces of 115 cm and 150 cm in length and identical width. Select the size you are looking for and also its color, Green, Black, Red, Cream and Brown. Which one do you keep?

Short or long necklaces? Choose the best option according to the moment

First think about what length you want it to be and whether or not you want the necklace band to be completely covered. For shorter necklaces or choker we recommend our 115 cm ribbons. You can include a bead that works as a pendant or centerpiece. This type of necklaces, adjusted to the neck, are perfect for sophistication. If you are looking for a more ethnic and relaxed style, choose ribbons for longer women's necklaces, 150 cm. In this case, stay with ochre colours and combine them with vivid colours. Try it, you'll see the result!

Imagination to power! Wear the necklace to your liking

As all women are not the same, we have designed Trart necklaces to suit the taste of every moment. You can create your necklaces using short or long ribbons, as you like. If you want to wear a short necklace, opt for ribbons for necklaces closer to the neck. On the other hand, if you prefer long necklaces, which favour and stylise the neckline, stay with a longer tape measure. In our shop you will find ribbons of 150 cm in length, which reach the waist. You can adjust the necklace to the height you want. Basically because the ribbon is open and you can make the loop in the point you prefer. In any case, short or long, it is about feeling free and comfortable.

How to combine the beads to get a unique effect?

If you doubt the choice of your necklace and the combination of beads, we offer you the possibility to choose between several combinations, according to your preferences. You can put a single bead centered on the ribbon and tie the ribbon behind your neck. You can also wear the knot on the front, like a tie. In this case, you have the option of keeping a single bead or adding several to make it look fuller. There are no rules here, let your imagination and creativity run wild...In our shop you can choose the number of beads for necklaces that suits you best. You can buy the beads alone or already mounted on the necklace. There is no minimum order, so feel free to compare and choose from our catalogue of handmade necklaces and beads.