Chokers for Women

Chokers, the revolution of tight necklaces

The chokers are pieces of Trart handcrafted jewellery, designed for young girls who like jewellery that is cheerful and comfortable to wear. Women are our source of inspiration. We always think of them to design our creations. Their emotions and experiences give us the personality and unique character that we seek during the process of creating our jewelry.

Youth and modernism in power! 

The choker collection is inspired by modern shapes and colors. The necklace designs are youthful and designed for girls who like to wear cheerful and comfortable jewellery. The jewellery in this collection is designed to be worn close to the neck, but the necklace thread allows it to be adjusted to the desired size. We have left an extra length so that the length of the necklace can be extended, this way we make sure that you will wear the piece to your liking and comfort.

"All our designs are our own and made in Barcelona" 

All the materials we use for the creation of chokers are top quality and handmade in our workshop in Barcelona. The necklace pendants are made on a clay base on which we transfer the image that we have created. All designs are our own. Both the face and the back of the pendant are worked. Discover them! In our shop you will find different designs, such as Babe Margaret, Babe Aran and Babe London. This is a lighthearted and cheerful collection, handcrafted with top quality components. All designs include Swarovski stones for a better finish.

Choose the choker you like!

Necklaces adjusted to the neck, the latest trend

After years when we didn't see many chokers, short necklaces and
Adjusted to the neck are back to stay. The necklace with pendant is one of the favorite pieces of jewelry among young girls and also modern women. The necklace is a perfect complement to wear in summer or all year round with low-cut garments on the shoulders.