Custom Necklace

Custom Necklace

Your jewelry with beads for custom necklaces

At Trart we offer a wide range of beads for necklaces. You have the possibility to keep the set of beads that best suits your style. Select the number of charms you want to customize your jewelry. For your Trart necklaces to look good, we recommend that you choose a minimum of two beads.

In our online shop you will find beads for different sizes of necklaces:

  • Beads for 3cm diameter necklaces
  • Beads for 5cm diameter necklaces

Some parts of the catalog are available in both sizes. The diversity of Trart colours is obtained by mixing clay with primary colours, and in no case is paint or other products other than clay used.

Collect beads for your necklaces

The customization of our necklaces is very important to us. We like each necklace that comes out of our Trart workshop to take on the shape and personality of each one of you. On this website you can buy the necklace balls you want. No minimum order so you can keep the combination you like best. We want you to play with your team and find the option that best suits your daily looks.

Collect as many beads as you want and wear the Trart necklaces as you like!

How to combine the beads for necklaces?

On a daily basis you can reduce or increase the number of beads you prefer according to the look you have chosen.

For long necklaces, it is best to add several beads to fill the length of the cord. For short collars, collars above the chest, or collared collars, we recommend reducing the number of beads.

Trart beads necklace will add volume and color to your outfits.

Don't forget, the trick is in the accessories!