Personal Myths and How to Use Art

Personal Myths and How to Use Art

As Coco Chanel said, to be irreplaceable one must always seek to be different. And when it comes to fashion, it's not easy to do. You only need to look at the shop windows and realize that there is more of the same, however, if you watch the fashion shows, there changes the thing, it is a show of diversity, colors, shapes, each designer works freely, without restrictions, all set their own trend, are true works of art. You only have to take a look to realize how Dolce Gabbana,  Valentino, Viktor&RolfJean Paul Gaultier, or Chanel itself look for the difference.  That's what Coco Chanel was referring to, "to be irreplaceable one must seek to be different". And what comes to us? Uniforms chosen by the big fashion lobbies. I resist being forced to wear pants that almost reach my breasts and make an eternal ass, I won't do it. I want to wear a beautiful Dolce Gabbana dress that looks like it was taken out of Maria Antonieta's wardrobe, with infinite flights, illustrations of Renaissance works, is what I want to wear to walk down the street of any city and that everyone admires, because I will wear a work of art, as Oscar Wilde said, "be a work of art or bring a work of art".

 Trart Frida

The reaction of people when they see my large ball necklaces, beads created from nothing, one by one with my hands, is usually one of surprise and admiration. However, then the excuses arrive, they are too big and my neck is too short, it would make me shorter, I don't dare to wear it people would look at me. At some point, perhaps our mothers a boyfriend we had, a friend or a sister, in my case was my grandmother, warned us of our limitations, of course with all the love in the world. And here we are, carrying a sack full of prejudices that gets heavier every day. Neither too low nor too high, nor do you have excess kilos or lack of neck, what does it matter if your ankles are wide or your breasts are small? You will be different, you will be you and they will look at you because you will carry a work of art and they will admire you because you will be different. I think the worst thing that can happen to us is that nobody sees us and the best thing is to be irreplaceable.

Trart Necklace Collar


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