Genuine rings

Genuine rings

Looking for genuine rings and how to wear them

Far from the typical engagement rings, today's women bet on genuine and comfortable rings that they can wear every day and that match most of their looks. Come on, the jewel must be prepared to follow its frenetic rhythm of work, at home, in the gym, etc.. As well as practical, these rings must have an genuine design and be well charged with power. Power?

It's not about the value of the pieces themselves but about the emotional charge that derives from them. The bond that a woman creates with her jewellery is so close that it can become her personal amulet: the gift of someone special, a family inheritance, a love, and so on. Each ring holds the memory, thought and emotion that helps a woman face the difficult moments of her life. So, without a doubt, the rings keep a magical and indescribable power inside.

In the Hindu tradition, women wear genuine rings on their toes called bichiya. These rings are unconventional and their designs are usually very beautiful and decorated with different ornaments. They pour into them a world of myths and stories that are passed down from generation to generation. Because of globalization, many Hindus today opt for western-style wedding rings worked in gold or silver, leaving aside pieces typical of their region. This is just one example of the many changes taking place around the world.

At Trart, we are committed to defending diversity because we are convinced that difference is taste and genuinity, even more so. The richness of cultures and their customs are a source of inspiration for the world of jewellery and it is not fair that they should be lost. In addition, we believe in the magic of jewellery and the power it gives to women. This is why we continue to create genuine rings that make a difference and surprise. We continue to work for those women who want to differentiate themselves from the rest, can do so. For all those women who love jewelry. We like to make them feel unique, beautiful, safe and free. Their balance and well-being are our main objective. Here we go!

Genuine rings for every woman

The word genuinity is very relative because each woman understands it in her own way. What is clear is that to find the difference and move away from the conventional you must look for jewelry collections full of color, new textures and try new materials. Beyond metals such as gold and silver and precious stones, there are collections that offer new points of view and personalities that bet on more daring ways within the world of jewelry. 

Where to find genuine rings?

If you are looking for unique pieces or even a little more risky than usual, the first thing to do would be to start exploring on the Internet. The big firms tend to have physical stores in central areas, while the small ones, it is likely that you will only find them online. The latter tend to offer collections with much more novel and genuine designs than the usual firms. In addition, you can add your city in the search, so you can locate the designers of jewelry that you have nearby and boost the trade km 0. Surely there is a beautiful jewellery workshop close to your home that you don't completely know about. Find it!

How to combine the rings to make them look better?

You have just bought your genuine ring and now there is the question of how to combine it with your conventional clothes. Don't worry! It's right here where the question kit is. The more basic your clothing line, the better your ring will look. If most of your clothes are smooth and with little detail and you don't come out of the color ranges like black, gray, white, you're lucky. The genuine rings combine perfectly with the wardrobe bottoms and sober style because it allows them to bring the touch of extravagance they need. 

It will be a success if you combine your genuine ring with...
  • Long and midi skirts: Large rings combine well with steamy and silky fabrics both smooth and pleated.
  • Swan-neck: Long-sleeved, high-necked sweaters or jerseys enhance the rings and other jewelry you wear.
  • Leather and patent leather trousers: For a more rocky look, wear it with tight trousers with leather texture and vinyl effect.
It will be a mistake if you combine your genuine ring with...
  • Salon needle shoes: This shoe will attract all the attention and your ring will go unnoticed. Better opt for another type of shoe that does not eclipse it.
  • Animal print: Leopard or zebra prints are powerful enough to combine with an extravagant ring.
  • Overload of complements: Don't overdo it with the rest of the accessories, headband, long earrings, bracelet, necklace, hairpins... less is more and your ring doesn't need as much company.

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