Fashion Necklaces

Fashion Necklaces

Fashionable necklaces, versatility and... Comfort is power!

Necklaces are fashionable and we love it because it is one of the most complete pieces of jewelry. They are the perfect travel accessories and always give the final touch that the look lacks.

Transformable necklaces, your best partner!

The best thing is to fill your jewelry box with fashion necklaces that give you several results at the same time and can be used at different times of your day. Let them be used to go to work, to the opera, to the school reunion, for a blind date, and whatever comes up...

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Renew your jewelry box with useful fashion necklaces

If you're bored of your usual jewelry and you're thinking about renewing the necklaces, consider some recommendations before you buy them to keep the one that is really practical, adaptable, customizable, comfortable and useful.

For this season, your necklaces must be...
  1. Fashion necklaces that adapt to different positions: with the possibility of shortening or lengthening the ribbon.
  2. Necklaces that have some customizable element: with which you can exchange the pendant or some bead.
  3. Necklaces that fit at least two styles: that fit well with an outfit each day and, at the same time, with a long evening dress.
Necklaces that do not go out of fashion... Do they exist?

Jewellery is a long-lasting accessory. It is true that at times some styles stop being worn, but sooner or later they reappear with a small change or as a fusion of another style. What no one can deny is that against styles and personalities there is nothing written. Each woman chooses her complements and wears them and defends them like no other, no matter how extreme or classic they may be.

Do you know what's really in fashion? It's fashionable to be real, original and uncomplicated. Everything that is handcrafted in a sustainable way is booming. The return of colour... Are you in?

All this is what you will see in the streets this season:

  • Necklaces tight to the neck
    Maybe it's been years since you left out short necklaces like chokers. Last season, the myth that necklaces adjusted to the neck are exclusive for teenagers and young people was dispelled. If you didn't dare at the time, it's not too late for you to get a piece of this type. You'll get rid of it for a few years and you'll see that... not bad at all! If you haven't just seen yourself with a neckline, try it with a collared shirt and you'll love the result.
  • Give it colour
    With the end of summer comes the change of wardrobe and many women leave the bright colors to one side and take the battery of black, brown and gray to parade. Don't get carried away by this funereal trend and look for a way in between. How? There are a lot of beautiful colors and ranges that favor you a lot. Change the dark ones for ochres, oranges, greens or blues.
  • And the fluor?
    The 80's fluoride has survived the summer and will be seen in a very punctual way, in selected pieces that will give life during the cold months. It's not a matter of wearing a total yellow or striking coral look, but of playing with the contrast of some pieces on dark garments. For example, you can personalize your fashion necklaces with some fluorine beads on a black or grey wool sweater.
  • Jewelry Made in 
    In recent years, products of proximity, km 0 and craft are hitting hard. Consumers are increasingly aware of responsible consumption and are committed to being consistent with its values and principles: Sustainability, recycling, use, etc.
In your city, there's sure to be more than one worthwhile jewellery business - find them!

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Key features for you to find the perfect necklace

Women like to feel good with what we wear, we raise our self-esteem and if it is comfortable better than better. The necklace that we wear must endure the marathon days that we mark each day of the week.

When you find yours, you don't take it off, do you?

The most comfortable necklaces to wear

  1. Gain elasticity: Choose necklaces that adapt to the shape of your body. Basically you should look at the material of the cord or chain of the necklace. The most manageable will be the most comfortable to wear.
  2. Rigidity out: The belief that the stiffer, more elegant is totally false. Comfort and elegance are not at odds and it is important that you have it clear when choosing sophisticated styles.
Oh, and as we are not for contortionisms, that are necklaces easy to close, please.

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